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Vorel of the Hull Clade was the maze runner for the Simic during Dragon’s Maze. Though, his background isn’t exactly what you might expect. He was originally a leader of a small Gruul tribe. During his leadership, he gave the order to give territory away to the encroaching Boros Leagion, so they may set up a garrison. This move was to protect his tribe, but his followers quickly turned on him. He was cast out of the Gruul, and nearly died in the process.

Vorel, being a shaman, took his skills over to the Simic Combine, where his skills were a natural fit. Though he is more emotional than most of the Combine due to his Gruul background, he fit right into the Simic way of life and became a biomancer.

Vorel is a very flavorful and deceptively powerful commander. His ability, which doubles the counters on specific permanents, resonates with his guild and their mechanics, evolve and graft. This ability, coupled with some ways to utilize those counters outside of just beating your opponents faces in, makes for a unique and dangerous build. What may seem unassuming at first will grow out of hand quite fast. Lets take a look at what this biomancer is bringing to the table.


Once a Gruul leader, now a Simic biomancer. He utilizes his shamanistic powers to evolve and create new life in the Combine

Vorel of the Hull Clade (EDH)

Commander (1)
Vorel of the Hull Clade
Lands (37)
Breeding Pool
Evolving Wilds
11 Forest
Gemstone Mine
Hinterland Harbor
Llanowar Reborn
Minamo, School at Water’s Edge
Mirrodin’s Core
Misty Rainforest
Novijen, Heart of Progress
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Rushwood Grove
Saprazzan Cove
Simic Growth Chamber
Simic Guildgate
Tendo Ice Bridge
Terramorphic Expanse
Vivid Creek
Vivid Grove
Yavimaya Coast

Creatures (16)
Avatar of the Resolute
Bane of Progress
Birds of Paradise
Champion of Lambholt
Chasm Skulker
Cytoplast Manipulator
Cytoplast Root-Kin
Den Protector
Draining Whelk
Experiment Kraj
Fathom Mage
Feral Hydra
Forgotten Ancient
Fungal Behemoth
Genesis Hydra
Gyre Sage

Creatures Cont. (15)
Heroes’ Bane
Hooded Hydra
Kalonian Hydra
Lifeblood Hydra
Master Biomancer
Mystic Snake
Novijen Sages
Phantom Nantuko
Prime Speaker Zegana
Protean Hydra
Renegade Krasis
Sandsteppe Mastodon
Scavenging Ooze
Scute Mob

Instants (8)
Beast Within
Decree of Savagery
Krosan Grip
Rapid Hybridization
Setessan Tactics
Solidarity of Heroes
Think Twice

Sorceries (12)
Collective Voyage
Give // Take
Increasing Savagery
Incremental Growth
Kodama’s Reach
Rampant Growth
Search for Tomorrow
Sunbringer’s Touch

Enchantments (2)
Doubling Season
Primal Vigor

Artifacts (9)
Coalition Relic
Darksteel Ingot
Darksteel Reactor
Gilded Lotus
Lightning Greaves
Simic Keyrune
Simic Signet
Sol Ring
Thousand-Year Elixir

Cost: Paper = $425.43 | MTGO = 94.84 TIX

We are going to need a ton of dice. The amount of counters we can make is bananas. These creatures will get so large so quickly that your opponent probably won’t be able to deal with it outside of wrathing the board. This deck is very different and really speaks to the flavor of the Simic Combine and what they can do.

With this deck, you’re mostly going to be building your monsters instead of just casting them. Many of the creatures in here have very little, or no power at all, and rely on the +1/+1 counters on them to even survive. This is where Vorel comes in. He will generate enough counters for the creatures to become a force to be reckoned with over the course of turn or two. We also have a couple of ways to generate more counters with Doubling Season, Primal Vigor, Solidarity of Heroes, and the handful of bolster effects. These effects will be able to generate humongous monsters that will crush our opponents into dust.

If, for some reason, this doesn’t work, we do have a backup plan. That plan is Darksteel Reactor.

Darksteel Reactor is a perfect fit for this type of deck. With its ability to place counters on itself, and our ability to double those counters, we will be able to win the game in just a couple of turns. Its very simple, quick, and effecient, as there is no way to remove the reactor outside of exiling it. It doesn’t combo well with cards like Primal Vigor and the other ways we can put counters on things, but it works well enough with Doubling Season and Vorel that its worth including as an alternate win condition. Its a fun and unique way to win outside of smashing your opponents.

The biggest problem with this deck that I’ve had so far is against a super grind heavy deck, we won’t be doing that well. If the opponent can keep our board clear, the likelihood of us winning will severely diminish. Outside of the Darksteel Reactor win condition, we pretty much rely on our creatures to be able to get the job done. Without them, we are pretty much just dead in the water. We also tend to lean on our commander a bit, so if he is not sticking around that often, then our progress will slow down as well. We do have access to Lightning Greaves though which will help immensely.

Overall this deck is a ton of fun and really speaks to the flavor of the Simic Combine. Its all about evolving and making our own monsters to tear apart the opposition. We also get to play a sweet alternate win condition with Darksteel Reactor which is always hilarious to pull off. Its a deck that requires a little set up, but it will snowball quickly. If you’re looking for something fun to bring to the kitchen table, look no further. just make sure you have plenty of dice. You’re going to need them.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Commander Corner. As always, if you have any suggestions for a commander I should check out in the future, let me know in the comments below.

Next week, we go tribal. See you soon, my friends.

-Steven Gulsby

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