Community League #5: Classic Pauper, Top 8

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Hey gang!

Check out the week one article for a reminder on rules, reporting, and prize payouts.

I sent out an email to the top 8 players already, but otherwise all updates will take place here.

Week Four for Bava

Avery didn’t want to tell me what he was playing while I picked a list (weird, right?) – so I went with Goblins this week. Turns out, he was playing Delver, which is a fun (tough!) match-up. It’s some good Magic, for sure, so check it out if you haven’t already.


What have you guys been playing and how has it gone? Respond in the comments below, or use the league forum!

Nominate a format!

Thanks to everyone who played in our Classic Pauper league. As a quick reminder, these leagues are possible (and guaranteed!) because of our Patreon support. Please consider becoming a patron and supporting all the work that we do to bring you quality Magic content and events.

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Our Swiss rounds are over, which means it is time for top 8 pairings AND time to nominate a format for the next league. You know how it works. Submit a comment down below, there, and nominate ONE format you would like us to play for the next league. We try to be inclusive, so budget formats are generally preferred, but you can nominate anything you want.

Feel free to be creative and come up with your own formats, e.g. rotating block Pauper, under 10 tix Modern, bring-your-own-block Silverblack, and so on. You can chance your nomination at any time before the final decision is made, but you may only have one official nomination up at any time.

The winner of this league will get the final choice for the next format, choosing from among only the most popular nominations.

Top 8 Pairings

With further ado, here they are. My math was wrong last week, we actually had two people with 3-1 records get knocked out of the top 8 because of tiebreakers. Unfortunately, those two people where Brennon and me. Oh well, I did win the last league, which felt weird. This way other people have a chance! I will update the bracket as people report, so keep an eye on Challonge for the most up to date pairings. Our goal is to finish the top 8 matches before Monday, June 22.

If you have any questions, get in touch.


Good luck, have fun!