Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

As I mentioned in last week’s article there is no show this week. However here is a video of Dan playing his version of the monoblack exploit deck from last week’s show.

Section 2: Player run events

SPDC 29.11

Standard · 19 Players
19 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by DrChrisBakerDC

1st Cancel is Good by rremedio1
2nd Bur by gonz
T4 Mono B Exploit by amnaremotoas
T4 Mono Black/u Exploition by DrChrisBakerDC
T8 Bant Panties by johnnyinabucket
T8 W/B Control by SirCyan
T8 Mono Blue Control by tommyv
T8 mono green by yelloweyes2

Go go go, Roberto! Big congrats to Sr. Remedio for his 6-0 victory!

Let’s look at what took him all the way.

The winning deck:

Standard · Control
 1st by rremedio1 in SPDC 29.11 (6-0)

Creatures (4)
Gurmag Angler
Sigiled Starfish
Zephyr Scribe

Spells (31)
Lightning Strike
Treasure Cruise
Voyage’s End
Douse in Gloom
Rise of Eagles
Twin Bolt
Read the Bones
Lands (25)
Evolving Wilds
Dismal Backwater
Swiftwater Cliffs

Disdainful Stroke
Scouring Sands
Magma Spray
Whirlwind Adept
Mnemonic Wall

And now for his road to victory:

The MatchUps

R1:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  Jebit  Green Devotion 
R2:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  gonz  Bur 
R3:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  yelloweyes2  mono green 
T8:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  SirCyan  W/B Control 
T4:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  amnaremotoas  Mono B Exploit 
T2:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  gonz  Bur 

Very nice! Question for the winner: “Did you start any of the matches 0-1 and ride the sideboard into winning?”

I am always curious about the 2-1s. Was it skillful sideboard tech or just race each time and you pulled ahead 2 of the 3 battles?

Now for the MPDC!

MPDC 29.11

Standard · 18 Players
16 Decks · ~89% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st monoGreen by Jonder_qind
2nd UBR Control by karakusk
T4 RG Monsters by Mrozik1141
T4 Black Death(touch) by Ruthelis
T8 Rainbow Constellation by chumpblocckami
T8 Shy ub by gonz
T8 Mardu Tokes by Jutanium
T8 BUR.n by Yaxarell

Jonder_qind! You did it! Even though I do not approve the 4 Setessan Oathsworn, you cannot argue with results!

The winning deck:

Standard · Aggro
 1st by Jonder_qind in MPDC 29.11 (5-1)

Creatures (26)
Alpine Grizzly
Elvish Mystic
Pheres-Band Tromper
Setessan Oathsworn
Stampeding Elk Herd
Swordwise Centaur
Nessian Courser

Spells (12)
Aspect of Hydra
Epic Confrontation
Titanic Growth
Lands (22)
18 Forest
Evolving Wilds

Savage Punch
Sedge Scorpion

You know I love the deck! However, if I ran it I would remove the Evolving Wilds. You have no delve. Any of the gain lands would serve just as well and you would gain life. But, again, it is hard to argue with a solid 5-1 victory.

The MatchUps

R1:  Loss:  0 – 2 vs.  Yaxarell  BUR.n 
R2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  moromete  No Deck Found 
R3:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  evolver3  Standard Pauper 2015.06.22 
T8:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  chumpblocckami  Rainbow Constellation 
T4:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  Mrozik1141  RG Monsters 
T2:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  karakusk  UBR Control 

So, I pose the same question to you: “How did your 2-1 matches go down?”


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