The Lord of Massacres, Fan of History episode 17

Now you will learn why you fear the night. Now you will learn why you are afraid of the dark. Now you will learn why we title Ashurnasirpal II “The Lord of Massacres”. Prepare for the darkest episode yet of our podcast. These massacres will become iconic for the Neo-Assyrians BUT they will not really reappear on this scale until the very last years of the empire far in the future.

After his great party, Ashurnasirpal II decides do deal with all the enemies of Assyria, i.e. everyone who refuses to pay protection money. He does this in a very handfast way and now we learn why the world remembers this particular king.

WARNING! This episode is not for the faint of heart. If you do not want to hear grim details of what Ashurnasirpal II decided to do to those that defied him, please skip ahead to episode 18.

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