Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Section 2: Player run events

SPDC 29.13

SPDC 29.14
12 July 2015
Standard · 10 Players
10 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by rremedio1 Sorry Roberto! We said it was Dr. Chris in the show.

1st MBC Exploit by Malum
2nd Boros Agro by blessior
T4 Token Izzet Control by Cabel
T4 monogreen by yelloweyes2

The winning deck:

Standard · Control
 1st by Malum in SPDC 29.14 (4-1)

Spells (0)

Creatures (27)
Black Cat
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Dutiful Attendant
Pharika’s Chosen
Qarsi Sadist
Typhoid Rats
Vulturous Aven
Disciple of Phenax
Gurmag Angler

Spells (11)
Sign in Blood
Font of Return
Eternal Thirst
Read the Bones
Lands (22)
14 Swamp
Evolving Wilds
Radiant Fountain

Shambling Goblin
Pharika’s Cure
Feast of Dreams
Disciple of Phenax
Font of Return
Eternal Thirst

The MatchUps

R1:  Loss:  1 – 2 vs.  BrunoDogma  Monstros sensuais 
R2:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  rremedio1  Waiting for Nantuko Husk 
R3:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  AmericanGaren  Red Deck Wins 
T4:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  Cabel  Token Izzet Control 
T2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  blessior  Boros Agro 

MPDC 29.13

Standard · 13 Players
11 Decks · ~85% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st Red heroic by JogandoPelado
2nd RG Monsters by Mrozik1141
T4 Mono Green by CleberCaroni
T4 bohaterism by Jonder_qind
T8 Mono B by chucktowner
T8 Mono-Red Heroic by IGotCareless
T8 RU.n away by Yaxarell
T8 monogreen by yelloweyes2

The winning deck:

Standard · Aggro
 1st by JogandoPelado in MPDC 29.14 (6-0)

Creatures (18)
Akroan Crusader
Borderland Marauder
Krenko’s Enforcer
Satyr Hoplite
Goblin Heelcutter

Spells (23)
Lightning Strike
Titan’s Strength
Inferno Fist
Magma Spray
Temur Battle Rage
Dragon Mantle
Lands (19)
19 Mountain

Scouring Sands
Dragon Fodder
Mardu Scout
Twin Bolt
Goblin Heelcutter

The MatchUps

R1:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  yelloweyes2  monogreen 
R2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  blessior  Azorius Heroic 
R3:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  Yaxarell  RU.n away 
T8:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  IGotCareless  Mono-Red Heroic 
T4:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  CleberCaroni  Mono Green 
T2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  Mrozik1141  RG Monsters 

Section 3: Magic Origins

Here are the deck lists from the show:

Brennon’s Big Green Meanies

Creatures (26)
Alpine Grizzly
Elvish Mystic
Elvish Visionary
Stampeding Elk Herd
Swordwise Centaur
Nessian Courser
Rhox Maulers

Spells (12)
Aspect of Hydra
Epic Confrontation
Titanic Growth
Lands (22)
22 Forest

Sideboard (15)
Sedge Scorpion
Ranger’s Guile
Aerial Volley
Hunter’s Ambush
Alchemist’s Vial

Sam’s Thopter Tremors

Creatures (18)
Aeronaut Tinkerer
Aspiring Aeronaut
Ghirapur Gearcrafter
Bonded Construct

Spells (22)
Artificer’s Epiphany
Collateral Damage
Trumpet Blast
Treasure Cruise
Dragon Fodder
Impact Tremors
Lands (20)
Swiftwater Cliffs
Evolving Wilds

Sideboard (15)
15 Forest

Section 4: Extended Pauper

What to play what to play? Do I throw away everything I hold dear and play Dimir Mill? My nemesis from the Standard Pauper Gauntlet?

Do I play flicker gate/gary and make every game take about 52 minutes? Why would I do this? How about something more me.

Creatures (22)
Cloudfin Raptor
Delver of Secrets
Frostburn Weird
Stormbound Geist
Nephalia Seakite
Scrapskin Drake
Stitched Drake

Spells (17)
Essence Scatter
Think Twice
Silent Departure
Mizzium Skin
Hands of Binding
Lands (21)
19 Island
Haunted Fengraf

One-Eyed Scarecrow
Runner’s Bane
Sidisi’s Faithful
Silent Departure
Elgaud Shieldmate
Hands of Binding

I loved this deck back then and still love the weirdly name DRAKEIRD

I call it MonoBlue Fliers.

What are you working on?

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