Community League #6, Extended Pauper: Top 8

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Check out the week one article for all the rules and stuff. It’s the final week, all bets are off as the top 8 play for glory and prizes.

League Prizes

MagicGatheringStrat is proud to list Cardhoarder as an official sponsor of all our events going forward. Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005, and with new ownership since 2014 has shown renewed vigor to improve the way they serve their customers and create innovation in the MTGO community.

Thank you to Cardhoarder for sponsoring this event.
Buy MTGO singles at or through their bot network.

The winner of this event will receive 35 bot credits from Cardhoarder.

Second place will receive 15 bot credits from Cardhoarder.

In addition, the best-ranking patron in the league will receive 10 tix. This will be in addition to any prizes already won by placing first or second in the event.

Format for Community League #7

Now that we’re in to the Top 8, it’s time to vote on the format for our next league. I will pick the top three formats and submit them to this event’s winner, who will be able to select the format for the next league event. Vote below.

Top 8 Pairings

Top 8 is a single-elimination bracket seeded based on your positions after 5 weeks of Swiss. There is a play-off spot for third place, which won’t make a difference, prize-wise, unless it’s for the patron reward.

We step up the pace for top 8 to try and close things out. Our goal is to have all matches completed by the beginning of next week, i.e. before September 7.

Report in comments per usual. I will update the Challonge and the site as we go so you can see your match-ups.


Good luck, have fun!