Community League #6, Extended Pauper: Week 4

community league 6 banner web

Check out the week one article for all the rules and stuff. Also a quick reminder that I won’t send any more “bulk” emails until Top 8. Check back on the site every week, or follow us on social media for updates. Pairings will go up Friday mornings PST.

League Prizes

MagicGatheringStrat is proud to list Cardhoarder as an official sponsor of all our events going forward. Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005, and with new ownership since 2014 has shown renewed vigor to improve the way they serve their customers and create innovation in the MTGO community.

Thank you to Cardhoarder for sponsoring this event.
Buy MTGO singles at or through their bot network.

We are happy to welcome additional sponsors or donations to the prize pool. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Week Four Pairings

With further ado, here they are. Good luck, have fun! If you have any questions, get in touch.