Monthly Tournaments Coming Soon: Vote Now

Thanks to our awesome patrons, we reached a new milestone goal and will begin offering monthly PRE tournaments with prize support. Weigh in below on what time and format you would like to see in a new, once-per-month player-run event.

Pauper Brewers Cup Update

Tuesday is usually Brewers Cup day, and I do have news to report, but no new article. Dan and I have yet to schedule our matches, though he has chosen to play the lists that won their respective brewing challenges, so I will be playing one of the runners-up against him.

I have started playing the lists for their first rounds in the JFF room, and they have mostly been doing quite well. Every list gets a free match loss in week one, so even if a list loses, they will all proceed to week two. After that a match loss will DQ them. As expected, plenty of early concessions in the JFF room, but that is (unfortunately) the nature of the beast. A win is a win, as far as this event goes, because I don’t have time to make sure I get a “good” match in for it to count.

I got in seven matches so far this week, and will sneak in the eighth at some point. Expect to see those videos start popping up on the YouTube channel next week.