The MagicGatheringStrat Show, Ep. 23

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

If you missed us, join us Tuesday evening at 12 am Eastern for the the Live show!

Section 2: What you may have missed

As we announced in the show, I have taken the mantel of Content Manager for the YouTube channel. With that brings a whole host of new responsibilities. Unfortunately it take a lot more of my time.
With that said, I am going to transform this article to more representative of that new role. Here is where I will show case what MagicGatheringStrat does on its various channels

So lets get into it!

YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat

Sam finished up his 7 part series for his Modern Silver Black Cube:

New Creator Showcase:
EternalGamePlayer is a newcomer to our site but he brings a powerful and popular deck. He is new and not all the recording kinks have been worked out. Despite that, I recommend watching this powerful new deck:

Quite a bit of controversy was stirred up over this week’s League match between Pierakor and Tazerdadog. What are your thoughts?

And fan favorite Binkabi shows off his latest crazy creation “Modern Tempo Thieves”:

YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat 2

For those who don’t know yet, this channel is our secondary channel. Where we put experimental and new video makers. We want to grow this site like we have grown our main channel.

Dan put in a lot of work trying to learn the format with a full battery of 4 man drafts:

Magic Origins 4 player draft UB Control vs Avaricious Dragon

Magic Origins 4 player draft Sigil of the Empty Throne

Magic Origins 4 player draft Disciple of the Ring

Magic Origins 4 player draft Shadows of the Past

Twitch: MagicGatheringStrat

Did you know you can watch full length pat broadcasts in Twitch?

Pierakor plays a game I have never seen before, XMage! It is a MTGO clone:


If you like Mono Blue Tron, this this is a show for you: