The Pauper Brewer’s Cup, Week 10: Ready the Gauntlet


This week we get to see our final winning list and lay out the rules for the upcoming Gauntlet. As always, a big thanks to our good friends at Cardhoarder who are sponsoring the event with 50 store credits, so there will definitely be some prizes on the line.

The Pauper Brewer’s Cup

Here are some rules and stuff.

  1. Every week, I will offer some kind of constraint or challenge to our readers.
  2. Submit a fun, innovative, or powerful brew built around those constraints.
  3. Your submission must be legal for Pauper in Magic Online. Guidelines are here.
  4. I will select three lists out of your submissions, and you will get to vote for that week’s winner.
  5. After 8 weeks we will have 8 innovative brews, and they will enter the gauntlet portion of the Brewer’s Cup.
  6. Whoever owns (submitted) the deck that wins this gauntlet will be endowed with fabulous riches (to be determined) and great esteem.

If any of that doesn’t make sense, ask for clarifications in the comments. The idea is that we should have fun sharing ideas and brewing, maybe discover some new, powerful decks, and in general support and promote the format we love the most, Pauper.

So, rules and stuff aside, let’s get down to business.

Week Eight Winner

Even though we didn’t have a new challenge this week we still got a respectable number of votes, so thank you to everyone who took the time to weigh in. It figures that on the very last week we would have a tie for first place. Shnuffles and RRemedio both came in at 13 votes. It was a really tough choice, but I picked RRemedio’s list as the winner, partially because I think he has submitted something every single week, and partially because of Heltoupee’s praise for the list in the comments.

So, in our closest finish yet, RRemedio edges a list into the Gauntlet with his Tortured Transmuter toolbox list. Congratulations, Roberto!

And the eight lists moving into the gauntlet are …

Here are our finalists which will move into the gauntlet portion of the cup.

W1 – Cavern Harpy: Eidolon and On by TomScud

W2 – Blades of Alara: Esper Blink-ifacts by Brick

W3 – One Drops: Little Heroic Boros by Heltoupee

W4 – Distant Melody: Distant Spirits by GreaterGerardon

W5 – Extended Pauper: All Deaths Welcome by ModernFever

W6 – Tron: Artificial Sweetener by Icepick23

W7 – Combo: UW Manifest by honkbonkington

W8 – Toolbox: Tortured Transmuter by RRemedio

Gauntlet Rules

This is the proposed format for the gauntlet. If you have any smashing ideas, please share them in the comments below.

Gauntlet lists will earn points by competing in two challenges.

Challenge #1: Dan will pick one of the top three lists for a given challenge, he may pick the winning list or one of the runners-up. After Dan makes his choice, I will either pick up the winning list (if Dan did not) or one of the runners-up lists (if Dan picked the winning list to play with). Dan and I will pit these lists against each other in one match. The Gauntlet list will earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

Challenge #2: I will play each Gauntlet list in the JFF room. Each list will go until it loses a match, and will gain 1 point for every match it wins.

At this point, two lists will move into a third and final challenge.

Challenge #3: The grand finale. The two lists with the most points will enter a final grudge match, one against the other, again played by Dan and me. Dan can choose his list, I will play the other, and we play out the best of 3 matches. First list to win 2 matches will win the cup.

I’m not entirely sure yet what kind of schedule Dan and I will be able to arrange, but I will continue to post every Tuesday with updates, and there will be videos aplenty in the articles and on the YouTube channel. I will note that I have purposefully not played any of the Gauntlet lists, yet, because I wanted to make sure none got an unfair advantage of practice.

Monthly Tournaments

This event will very likely continue for another month or more, as Dan and I find time to play against each other. In the meantime, because of our awesome patrons, we are going to start hosting monthly PRE tournaments. The big questions are these: when should the tournaments take place? what format should they be in?

Weigh in below:

A big thanks to everyone who has participated in the event so far. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate the fun brews and interactive comments we’ve had here on the site.

Last but not least, if you like this challenge or any of our other content, please consider supporting us via our Patreon.