The MagicGatheringStrat Show, Ep. 26

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

If you missed us, join us Tuesday evening at 12 am Eastern for the the Live show!

Section 2: What is happening this week on the YouTube Channel

MagicGatheringStrat’s YouTube page

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The Set Review Show Episode 3 Antiquities 2-man Cube Sealed #2 Pauper Jund play session – Dan Limited Magic Origins Sealed Deck #4 Standard Pauper Grave Titan Jr vs Grave Titan Jr Pauper Jund Loam play session – Dan Modern RG Tron vs Collected Company
Modern Living End Deck Tech Let’s build a Tiny Leaders Deck together! #3 Modern Project Grixis #3 Pauper Turbo Exhume #19 vs UB Angler – Tobias Pauper Tremor Tokens #7 vs Delver – Tobias PAUPER Jeskai Trinket #3 vs Nacatl Domain Modern Mono U Tron vs BW Tokens
Modern Living End #1 Match 1 vs Blue Combo Mill Pauper Jeskai Midrange Metalcraft vs UB Control – Dan Pauper Brewer’s Cup Gauntlet R2 Distant Spirits vs UB Angler Modern Project Grixis version 4 Pauper Brewer’s Cup Gauntlet R2 – Eidolon and On vs Mono Black Devotion Modern Mono U Tron vs Affinity – Pierakor Modern Taking Turns – Farf

Dan plays around with exploit in Standard Pauper:

Pierakor plays his match in the Extended Pauper league: