Community League #7: Modern Silverblack

community league 7 banner

Let the battles begin! Here is how this thing works. Please read everything below carefully. If it wasn’t important, I would not have taken the time to type it out. Please note that I am changing how match results are reported for this event. Check that out below.

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Community League #7: Format and Rules

The format for league #7 is Modern Silverblack

About the Format

Modern Silverblack allows cards printed at the common and uncommon level (black and silver rarity symbols, you see) in Modern-legal sets.

Rarity-shifted (Purple) cards are not legal in Silverblack. We will be following the official Modern banned list.

In addition, we will ban [c]Intangible Virtue[/c] and [c]Expedition Map[/c].

The League Began on October 9, 2015

If you are participating you should receive ONE email from me with contact info. Let me know if you did not see that. I sent these emails out to the address you used to register on our site. I try very hard NOT to send people lots of emails. It is up to you to keep track on the site and get in touch with your opponents promptly. It will be up to each participant to contact their opponent by email to set up their match for the week. Don’t wait for your opponents to contact you; be proactive!

I am very strict concerning players that don’t communicate well. If your opponent says they are having a hard time getting in touch with you, and you don’t respond to my follow-up email in a timely fashion, your opponent will get the win for that week and you may be removed from the event. Check your email, respond to your email, email your opponents, email me. Short notes are fine, but KEEP IN TOUCH! Really, folks.

Since we got a great turnout and people love this format, I have added some additional Swiss rounds. We will play 6 weeks of Swiss and then cut to top 8 with the goal to finish the league by the end of November.

League Rules

1. The Modern Silverblack format will allow cards that were printed at the Common or Uncommon rarity levels in any set from Eighth Edition to the most current.

2. You get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. A BYE counts as a win.

3. It is the responsibility of the winner to report their win. NEW: Sign up for a Challonge account with the same email you used to register on our site (or better yet, respond to the Challonge request that was sent to your email inbox.) You may update your match scores directly in Challonge or on our Events page.

3a. It is up to the winner to be able to provide proof of their victory. Take a screenshot or make sure you know how to access the replay on MTGO. If there is a dispute and the person who claimed they won cannot furnish proof, they will receive a loss and a DQ. This has never come up in all of our events, but I wanted to be clear anyway.

4. Communicate early and often. I will only send out the one email with all your contact information. Don’t lose it! Get in touch by email (it is much more effective than waiting around on MTGO). If no one communicates with each other or with me, that week’s pairing will be considered a draw and one or both players may be removed from the league. If one person is attempting to communicate and the other person is not, they should let me know. I will attempt to solve issues when I can, but when that doesn’t work out, the person who is trying to communicate will always get the win. Don’t wait until the last minute.

5. After the initial email all official league announcements will happen here on the site. Keep tabs on the Events page for all updates. You can also get updates by liking us on Facebook or following me on Twitter @bava_mtg.

6. We’ll play 6 weeks of Swiss and then cut to Top 8. The league will end by December 4.

7. You can drop at any time. Please let me know if you’d like to drop before the next week’s pairings go up. You will always be welcomed back into subsequent league events.

8. Chat about the league or share lists over in our forums.

9. You may keep the same list throughout the event or play a different list each week. If you spot someone who you think is playing illegal cards in their list, take a screenshot and send it along to me.

10. Contact me if you have any questions.

League Prizes

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Thank you to Cardhoarder for sponsoring this event.
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The winner of this event will receive 50 bot credits from Cardhoarder.

Second place will receive 25 bot credits from Cardhoarder.

In addition, the best-ranking patron in the league will receive 10 tickets from me personally. This will be in addition to any prizes already won by placing first or second in the event.

The winning patron will have to have been in good standing for at least one month, so go sign up now if you haven’t already!

I will double the prize payouts (with tickets) if we reach Patreon support of $300 by the end of October and maintain it through the end of the event.