Pauper Gauntlet Competitor #11: Black Auramancer

The Pauper Gauntlet is coming to your favorite YouTube channel, to and to on November 8th!

Learn more about the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet in this video

In September Cardboard Commons ran a live tournament – The Pauper Rogue Cup – in Sevilla, Spain, to qualify a number of Pauper brews to the Pauper Gauntlet S03. Today, I will present the winner of the Pauper Rogue Cup.

Before I do that, I should probably explain why this deck is Competitor #11. The first ten competitors are the top 10 decks from last year. This is their status as of today. Some of the decks need a captain. That means that YOU can step in and decide on the exact content of the list and the sideboard plan. If you want to be a captain of any of the following decks that are leaderless – please let me know below. If one of the top 10 decks do not have a captain by Nov 18 they will run the same list as last year.

Competitor #1: The Green One by Deluxeicoff.
Competitor #2: Affinity. Affinity needs a captain. Default list:
Competitor #3: Bugs & Pigs by Galactic President. Galactic President, you can update the deck before Nov 18.
Competitor #4: Burn. Burn needs a captain. Default list:
Competitor #5: Exhume Control by David Shaffer. Captained this year by rrmedio1. List is coming.
Competitor #6: Familiars. Familiars needs a captain. Default list:
Competitor #7: Goblins. Goblins needs a captain.
Competitor #8: Mono Red Heroic by jphsnake. Jphsnake will update the deck this year. List is coming.
Competitor #9: Rebel Grind by Aught3. Aught3, your deck is ready to be updated.
Competitor #10: Stompy. Captained by Carnuz. List is coming.

Captains, if you send in your final list quickly I can promote your deck earlier in articles and maybe even test videos.

So what about competitor #11? Well… check this out!

Black Auramancer by Santi Postigo

After a tough tournament Santi Postigo took away the victory in the Pauper Rogue Cup in Spain! This is his deck

Black Auramancer
Enchantments (15)
3x Angelic Renewal
3x Dead Weight
1x Ethereal Armor
1x Faith’s Fetters
1x Oblivion Ring
3x Pestilence
1x Seal of Doom
1x Shade’s Form
1x Temporal Isolation

Creatures (19)
4x Auramancer
1x Gravedigger
3x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
3x Heliod’s Pilgrim
2x Kor Skyfisher
2x Lone Missionary
4x Phyrexian Rager

Land (22)
2x Orzhov Basilica
4x Orzhov Guildgate
3x Plains
4x Scoured Barrens
9x Swamp

Instant (4)
4x Cloudshift

Sideboard (15)
1x Chime of Night
4x Duress
1x Font of Return
2x Lone Missionary
2x Mournwhelk
1x Pestilence
3x Seal of Cleansing
1x Temporal Isolation

I took the deck for a test drive here:

Do you want your deck to participate in the Pauper Gauntlet S03?
Open Deck Submission begins on November 8th. You have to submit your deck in the comments to the article that goes live on Nov 8th on Please follow the instructions carefully. Get brewing now to get your deck ready (including a long sideboard plan)

More about the Pauper Rogue Cup
If you can read Spanish you can check out the exciting coverage of the live tournament by Cardboard Commons here:

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