The Pauper Gauntlet starts today

Submit your deck here and nowhere else:

To get into spirit, lets listen to the Pauper Gauntlet Song

Lyrics by Dan, vocals by keixoun, music by Europe. If you want to hear more from the talented keixioun, check out his SoundCloud page.

Please do not submit decks here – you have to submit them in the comments to the article linked at the very top of this one.


The main sponsor of season three of the Pauper Gauntlet is

As a special offer, mtgotickets is selling 10 tickets for 8 dollars. Please visit them and show them that it was a good idea to sponsor the Pauper Gauntlet. Use this link: I love the Pauper Gauntlet

Another sponsor is That is why we are running deck submission there instead of here.

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The Pauper Gauntlet season four is already one of the Patreon milestone goals. If we can reach that goal season four starts in November 2016.

Submit your deck at

* A web page with the deck list
* A sideboard plan
* Hints for Dan

The 15 prequalified decks

The top 10 decks of last year and the top 4 decks + the people’s choice from the Pauper Rogue Cup are already qualified for season three of the Pauper Gauntlet.

This is the status of those decks.

If I can not find a captain or get no new deck list for the top 10 decks I will run with the lists that played last year. Apparently those lists did something right.

Affinity: Needs a captain. Default list:

Bugs & Pigs: Waiting for Galactic President.

Burn: Needs a captain. Default list:

Exhume Control: David could not make it. rrmedio1 will captain the deck. Default list:

Familiars: Waiting for Riccardo.

Goblins: Needs a captain. Jason, it is your list – do you want to do it?

The Green One: Deluxeicoff. Ready to rumble.

Mono Red Heroic: Waiting for jphsnake. Default list:

Rebel Grind: Waiting for Aught3. Default list:

Stompy: Captained by Carnuz. Waiting for list. Default list:

If you want to be the captain of any of these decks, just submit a deck like a normal deck submission to the Pauper Gauntlet. If you have any results or accolades with the deck please state them as well (such as having a great 2-man record or 3-0:ing a Daily Event).

Captains and brewers! Links to new lists for these things must be posted in the comments to the Pauper Gauntlet article BEFORE November 18th, 9 AM GMT+1.

Here they are, the links to the official pages for the five contenders raised from our Rogue Cup:

Black Auramancer:

Pestilence Control:

Izzet Kuldotha:

Red Land Destruction:

Rakdos Vampires:


I have tried to summarize the rules in the mtgolibrary article. They are also in this video.

Finally a shoutout to Cardboard Commons and PauperMage for all the work with the Pauper Rogue Cup! Thank you so much!

If any other Pauper related website wants to run qualification tournaments for the Pauper Gauntlet season four please get into touch with me in March (right now I will be way too busy managing this thing).

And remember to check out our sponsor:

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