Bakom Fasaden

Dan och Anna är tillbaka och tar tag i bok nummer 18. Bakom fasaden! Och för en gångs skull har de skilda åsikter om boken! Det blir ett avsnitt fyllt av tappade trådar, gamla troll, en hög med offerkoftor samt den viktiga frågan- hur katten går trädsex till?

Dan @danhorning Anna @annaceras
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Aristocrats wins the Pauper Gauntlet

The Pauper Gauntlet is over! In the first two-man round, one deck won and one deck lost, making Aristocrats (formerly known as “Suicide is Painless”) the winner of the whole season!

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

Round twelve
Round ten was played in the Two-Man tournaments.

Cyborgs opened, losing a close match to an Orzhov Midrange (?) deck that just had too much value.

Aristocrats played a nailbiter against RUG Tron, losing the first duel but then managing to barely win duel 2 and 3.

This means that Paul Jones, being both the brewer and the champion of Aristocrats, wins 100 bot credits with Congratulations!

What happens now?
We will evaluate the Pauper Gauntlet together (there will be a video and an article about that) to make the whole experience even better next year.

If you want to help make Season Four of the Pauper Gauntlet a reality, you can contribute on our Patreon at

If the Patreon meets its goal the Pauper Gauntlet will start its fourth season on December 4, 2016.

The full results of the Pauper Gauntlet S03
Winner: Aristocrats (Suicide is Painless)
2nd place: Cyborgs
3rd place (round eleven): Green One
4th place (round ten): Spiteful Leeches
5th place (round nine): WW Soul Tokens
6th place (round eight): BUGs & Pigs, Pig Trinket, MBC, Bant Sword and Shield
The playoff for the 10th spot in the top 10
10th place: Slivers (won the playoff)
11th place: Stompy Tokens, Mono Red Heroic (round five in the playoff)
13th place: Goblin Storm, BorosKitty Initiated (round four in the playoff)
15pth place: Stompy (round three in the playoff)
16th place: RUG Tron, Izzet Cooldotha and UG Madness
Round seven eliminations – the decks in the Top 10 Playoff: BorosKitty Initiated, Slivers, Mono Red Heroic, Stompy, UG Madness, RUG Tron and Izzet Cooldotha.
19th place (round six): Infect, Blue Bichinho, Death Control, Burn (runner-up from last season) and Pauper Nightmare.
24th place (round five) Illusory Tricks, White Heroes, Goblins, Suicide Black, Turbo Angler, Simic Oracle, Kuldotha Mardu, Elves, Rhystic Tron, MUC, Black Auramancer, Love Train,
36th place (round four) Counter-Kitty,UB Trinket Control, Rakdos Vampires, Flying Ninjas, Turbo Zoo, Shroudfang Ninja. Delver, Green Ramp LD, Snow-Go, Turbo Exhume
45th place: Shared by the 26 decks eliminated in round three: Affinity, Exhume Control, Familiars, Rebel Grind, Pestilence Control, Encroaching Blight, Green Grifters, The Pauper Gauntlet, Project X, Tortured Toolbox, RG Land Crusher, RG Landfall, DelverFiend, Eggs, Gary Busey LD, Selesnya Flash, Abzan Grindhouse, Bant Fog, Crocajund, BUG Proliferators, Evil Allies, Land-o-derm, Pig Trinket, Sultai Delve, 5-color Green
70th place: Shared by nine decks that died during double Elimination, (round one and two): Red Land Destruction, Mono Black Land Destruction, Glass Cannon Red, Tortured Madness, Cheaty Morph, Living End, 1-land Spy, UB Justice Control and Dragon Delve.

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S06E02 Home

Dan and Thomas discuss the events of the second episode of season six. What was Roose thinking? How did the Frankenmountain find the drunk gentleman in the alley? Who is Euron Greyjoy?

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Episode 58: Who needs Pros when you print cardboard money?

This week on the Magicgatheringstrat podcast Brennon Sam and Dan are joined by Modern aficionado Fabian to discuss the changes to the Pro Tour, and to Pro payments. Opinions are shared. Let us know in the comments what you guys think. #paythepros. Plus Standard Pauper, weeks in review, Pauper Gauntlet.

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14. RAF del 2 – Utredningen

Bara tre timmar efter mordet ringer det i den hemliga telefonen hos ambassadtjänstemannen Peter T på svenska ambassaden i Bonn. “Det här är RAF. Vi har skjutit er stadsminister!”
Palmeutredningen (PU) har bearbetat 110 uppslag (spår) rörande de västtyska terroristerna Rote Arme Fraktion (RAF). I det här avsnittet går vi genom de olika spåren och ser vad de kom fram till.
Kan Rote Arme Fraktion ha mördat Palme och hur gick det till i så fall?

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