Fan of History, Episode 1: Great Civilizations of the World in 1,000 BC

The Fan of History and Kevin walks you through the nations and powers of the world of 1000 BC: This is a Dark Age of the mediterranean world but a golden age for the Zhou Dynasty in China and the Olmecs who think they are the only nation state in the world.

Fan of History, Episode 3: Events of the 980s BC

The Fan of History and Kevin talks about the events in the world of the 980s BC.

Siamun becomes the Pharaoh of Egypt and looks outside Egypt (before the sack of Gezer). Mir-biti-apla-usur of Elam manages to become the 7th Dynasty of Babylon. King Zhao of Zhou China does battle with the Dog People and the Assyrian doomsday clock still has 69 years to go before the Middle East will know the wrath of Assur once again.

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