Pillarfield Pauper League

The Pillarfield Pauper League brings a Vintage Super League-style tournament to the Pauper format!

Introduction and Rules

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Each season consists of three trimesters, followed by grand finals.

Each trimester is a full round-robin between the four players:


Matches during a trimester are best of three. Players cannot change decks once a trimester has begun. Players must play a different deck during each trimester.

Matches during finals are best of five. Each player selects up to three decks and an order to play them in. In games four and five, players may select any of the decks they have already played.

Finals will consist of three matches, with the winner of each advancing. The winner of the third match will be the champion.


Player Bios

Troy / way2tall

First block: Return to Ravnica

Favorite Pauper Decks: Stompy and Mono-Black Control

Troy began playing Magic much later than the rest of the league, so he is less experienced in Magic than the rest of the group. He is most comfortable playing Mono-Green Stompy, but is looking to broaden his Pauper horizons. While his inexperience is a liability, he is by no means a pushover.

Robert / eldrazilackey

First block: Shards of Alara

Favorite Pauper Decks: Familiar Combo, Mono-Black Control

Robert will play just about anything, but he tends to enjoy decks that are difficult to pilot. He enjoys navigating his way through tricky situations, and playing to his outs against impossible odds. Familiar Combo is possibly the most skill-intensive deck in the format currently, so that is the deck that he runs most often.

Ram / sephirothrr

First block: Onslaught

Favorite Pauper Decks: Burn

Ram has been playing Magic on and off since he was a kid, but he was not any good until Zendikar block. Since then, he claims to be “only mostly bad at magic.” When Ram is on top of his game, he is a force to be reckoned with. While the other players understand the majority of Magic’s complex interactions, Ram’s rules knowledge runs deeper than that of anyone else in the league.

Jordan / sixsmith

First block: Alara Reborn

Favorite Pauper Decks: Kitty / Tron

Jordan is a true student of the game, and his study of formats and timely insight allow him to better play the game. He has a love for all limited formats, especially ones that allow him to play as many colors as possible. Not-so-secretly a blue mage, he is the reason everyone else in the group has MTGO accounts.

Articles and Videos

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