Style Guide

General guidelines for articles

MagicGatheringStrat articles are ideally between 500 and 2,000 words.

Add the “Article” category and the appropriate format category.

Add useful tags including the deck name, archetype, notable card names, and anything else that is highlighted (in particular) in the article. You do not need to add a tag for the format, since it is included in the category.

Featured images should be added to articles (bottom-right of post page). Images should be Magic card art of medium to high quality, at least 640px wide.

Displaying card links and deck lists

Use [d]DeckContents[/d] for deck lists and [c]Card Name[/c] to display cards.

Example of a card link.

[c]Spellstutter Sprite[/c] = Spellstutter Sprite

Example of a deck list

[d title=”Illusory Tricks (Pauper)”]
19 Island

4 Krovikan Mist
4 more creature here …

4 Piracy Charm
4 more spells here …

4 Coral Net
4 more sideboard here …

Illusory Tricks (Pauper)

Lands (19)
19 Island

Creatures (8)
Krovikan Mist
more creature here …

Spells (8)
Piracy Charm
more spells here …
Sideboard (8)
Coral Net
more sideboard here

Deck list notes:

  • Use ‘title=”Deck Name”‘ to add a title header to your list. Add the format in () after the deck name, e.g. (Pauper).
  • You can name the sections (creatures, spells, sideboard) anything you want and have as many as you want.
  • It will automatically count the cards in each section and add that number to the section header, e.g. Creatures (18), so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Check your links in preview to make sure the cards are showing properly. Card names that are misspelled or have weird characters in them will not appear properly. Apostrophes can be particularly finicky, especially if you are copying/pasting from a word editor of any sort.


Mana Symbols

Here are the short-codes to use if you want mana symbols to show up in your posts:

Regular mana: {W}, {10}, {XR}, {WUBRG}
Hybrid mana: {W/U}, {2B/R}
Mono-colored hybrid mana: {2/R}, {2/W2/W2/W}
Phyrexian mana: {GP}, {1BPBP}
Tap/untap symbols and snow mana: {T}, {Q}, {S}

These will show up as:

Regular mana: , , ,
Hybrid mana: ,
Mono-colored hybrid mana: ,
Phyrexian mana: ,
Tap/untap symbols and snow mana: , ,

Embedding videos

Simply add the URL to the video you want to embed on a new line, and the site will take care of the rest. It’s like magic! For example, this: