Commanding on a Dime: Lovisa Coldeyes

Welcome back,

I was looking through the legendary creature list, looking for something to work on this week, and I just found this little one. I never really heard [c]Lovisa Coldeyes[/c] before this, and she seemed really straightforward and interesting. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t see her pop up more at my local game store. Her ability is crazy powerful, and pretty much builds the deck by herself. She may be nothing flashy or make for interesting lines, but she gets the job done. Lets take a look at what Barbarians, Warriors, and Berserkers we can rally together with [c]Lovisa Coldeyes[/c].



She’s blunt, straightforward, and powerful. She’ll get the job done, no matter what.

[d title= “Lovisa Coldeyes (EDH)”]


1 Lovisa Coldeyes


1 Ghitu Encampment

34 Mountain

1 Myriad Landscape

1 Spinerock Knoll




1 Anger

1 Archetype of Aggression

1 Ash Zealot

1 Atarka Pummeler

1 Bloodmark Mentor

1 Boldwyr Intimidator

1 Brighthearth Banneret

1 Cyclops Gladiator

1 Falkenrath Marauders

1 Flamerush Rider

1 Goblin Wardriver

1 Inner-Flame Igniter

1 Kamahl, Pit Fighter

1 Kargan Dragonlord

1 Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs

1 Lightning Berserker

1 Lightning Mauler

1 Manic Vandal

1 Ogre Battledriver

1 Purphoros, God of the Forge

1 Scab-clan Berserker

1 Tahngarth, Talruum Hero

1 Taurean Mauler

1 Zurgo Bellstriker




1 Beacon of Destruction

1 Burst Lightning

1 Chain of Plasma

1 Chaos Warp

1 Comet Storm

1 Dead // Gone

1 Fated Conflagration

1 Grab the Reins

1 Lightning Bolt

1 Magma Jet

1 Pyrokinesis

1 Seismic Strike

1 Shard Volley

1 Smash to Smithereens

1 Stoke the Flames


1 Exquisite Firecraft

1 Magmatic Insight

1 Mizzium Mortars

1 Roast

1 Rough // Tumble




1 Berserkers’ Onslaught

1 Flameshadow Conjuring

1 Outpost Siege

1 War Cadence

1 Warstorm Surge


1 Dragon Throne of Tarkir

1 Hall of Triumph

1 Hammer of Purphoros

1 Lightning Greaves

1 Obsidian Battle-Axe

1 Skullclamp

1 Sol Ring

1 Thran Dynamo

1 Wayfarer’s Bauble

1 Worn Powerstone


1 Chandra, Pyromaster

1 Koth of the Hammer

1 Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker



MTGO: 38.69 TIX (Note that this does not contain the prices for the cards in Magic Origins)

Paper: $89.86

Not bad, especially for its price. Its a pretty straightforward aggressive deck. Nothing too fancy or anything, just play your creatures and turn them sideways. Unlike most aggressive decks, we can make some bigger plays and actually have stuff to do in the end game with our handful of mana sinks. Like I said earlier, [c]Lovisa Coldeyes[/c] pretty much builds the deck herself because of her static ability. Its such a great one though that its hard not to build around it.

Lovisa’s ability, while restrictive, is extremely powerful. Its only as good as the creatures that are in the deck though, which there are plenty of good Warriors, Berserkers, and Barbarians in red to make a viable deck. The tribal synergy may not be as strong as say, an [c]Ezuri, Renegade Leader[/c] or a [c]Krenko, Mob Boss[/c] deck, but her ability makes up for that lack of synergy by making your creatures bigger than everybody else’s. Its not like there aren’t any synergies here, we have [c]Boldwyr Intimidator[/c] that can make almost every creature in this deck unblockable for one mana per opposing creature. [c]Brighthearth Banneret[/c] makes things just a bit cheaper, and [c]Bloodmark Mentor[/c] gives everybody first strike. This band of brothers will end up playing together quite well actually. If not, most of them are just solid creatures on their own.

For removal, out side of a couple of spells, we pretty much just have a pile of burn. You won’t be able to kill big creatures outside of blocking them or attacking into them for the most part. Since we are red, we wont really be interacting with enchantments either outside of [c]Chaos Warp[/c], one of the best removal spells in the format.

Since we can’t really deal with super large creatures outside of smashing into them or blocking, we will try to simply go around them. [c]War Cadence[/c] can wreck combat for your opponent. It will help end board stalls and allow your team to sneak by and crash in for huge amounts of damage. As mentioned earlier [c]Boldwyr Intimidator[/c] also does some much needed work in this department as well. [c]Chandra, Pyromaster[/c] can help out a bit, but she isn’t as effective as the other two.

Overall, this deck is pretty solid, and a lot of fun. Its on the cheap, easy to play, and can hold its own with relative ease. In terms of upgrading it if you want to put more money into it, the creature base is pretty much l0cked in. For burn spells though, there are some more efficient ones, they just cost a bit more money. It wouldn’t cost too much to make some good changes, but if I were to add anymore to it, I couldn’t exactly call it a budget deck anymore.

Thank you for checking out this weeks Commander Corner. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. I apologize for not having anything last week, my internet went out again. Hopefully it shouldn’t happen again, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. See you next time my friends.

-Steven Gulsby

Commanding On A Dime: Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

Welcome back,

This week marks the beginning of a new series. A few weeks ago, I was on Reddit reading some of the comments on my articles and I stumbled upon one that caught my eye. The person asked me why I don’t build on a budget. I replied that I was going to start making a couple of decks on a budget for the future, and the plan was to feature a bunch in one article and be done with it. I later on decided that, instead of making it a once an done thing, to make a series dedicated to playing Commander on a budget. The decks that are featured in this article are more geared towards people just starting to get into the format without spending a ton of money.

Let’s start commanding on a dime.


[d title= “Kamahl, Leader of the Wilds (EDH)”]


1 Kamahl, Fist of Krosa


1 Centaur Garden

32 Forest

1 Havenwood Battleground

1 Jungle Basin

1 Myriad Landscape

1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx [/d]



1 Ant Queen

1 Arbor Colossus

1 Bane of Progress

1 Chameleon Colossus

1 Champion of Lambholt

1 Cloudthresher

1 Copper Myr

1 Dungrove Elder

1 Elder of Laurels

1 Elvish Mystic

1 Forgotten Ancient

1 Fyndhorn Elves

1 Garruk’s Horde

1 Greenweaver Druid

1 Gyre Sage

1 Heroes’ Bane

1 Hornet Queen

1 Hydra Broodmaster

1 Hydra Omnivore

1 Jedit Ojanen of Efrava

1 Kalonian Twingrove

1 Karametra’s Acolyte [/d]


Creatures (Cont.)

1 Kazandu Tuskcaller

1 Kessig Cagebreakers

1 Lifeblood Hydra

1 Living Hive

1 Llanowar Elves

1 Magus of the Vineyard

1 Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer

1 Myojin of Life’s Web

1 Patron of the Orochi

1 Polukranos, World Eater

1 Primordial Sage

1 Reverent Hunter

1 Sakura-Tribe Elder

1 Soul of the Harvest

1 Symbiotic Wurm

1 Terastodon

1 Thragtusk

1 Thunderfoot Baloth

1 Wolfbriar Elemental

1 Wood Elves

1 Yeva, Nature’s Herald [/d]



1 Beast Within

1 Harrow

1 Naturalize

1 Setessan Tactics


1 Collective Voyage

1 Cultivate

1 Explore

1 Journey of Discovery

1 Kodama’s Reach

1 Rampant Growth

1 Ranger’s Path

1 Savage Punch


1 Frontier Siege


1 Darksteel Ingot

1 Khalni Gem

1 Moss Diamond

1 Sol Ring

1 Unstable Obelisk

1 Weatherseed Totem


Prices: MTGO = 37.58 TIX | Paper = $73.93

This deck likes not only to go big, but to go wide as well. It can produce a good amount of tokens, while being able to slam down massive fatties. It also features a handful of mana sinks so you will be able to use all of your mana outside of just casting creatures. It may be a budget deck, but it can stand toe to toe with the big guys of the format.

The primary goal here is simple, play out your creatures and attack. The deck houses some really solid beaters such as [c]Polukranos, World Eater[/c], [c]Reverent Hunter[/c], [c]Kalonian Twingrove[/c], and [c]Hydra Omnivore[/c]. These cards serve just to beat your opponent down, except for [c]Polukranos[/c] which is also a mana sink and removal.

Outside of these beaters, we do have a couple of ways to draw cards. We have access to [c]Soul of the Harvest[/c], [c]Primordial Sage[/c], and [c]Lifeblood Hydra[/c]. They help out a lot in the later portions of the game when the green decks tend to start having to rely on the top of the deck since they are out of cards. [c]Lifeblood Hydra[/c] has especially impressed me, as it was able to beat the opponent down and provides a huge drawback for my opponent when they eventually had to deal with it. In the end, the card allows you get something out of all that mana you invested into it, which is something many hydras struggle with. Its an incredible card that I believe should be seeing more play in green-based decks.

Another method of attack is by generating tokens. Now this deck doesn’t feature a card that just strictly makes tokens outside of [c]Hornet Queen[/c]. Many of the token producers featured here provide tokens as well as either a solid body, such as [c]Living Hive[/c] and [c]Symbiotic Wurm[/c], or give us tokens and another type of effect like [c]Terastodon[/c] and [c]Hydra Broodmaster[/c]. Being able to go wide is a solid way of attack, especially in combination with our commander.

[c]Kamahl, Fist of Krosa[/c] is a nice way to clean up the game. He can help break stalemates, as well as just end the game. You can activate him mulitple times in a turn, if you have the mana, and just destroy your opponent. His ability to make lands into 1/1 creatures is also nice, as it has come up once in awhile, though not as often as his other ability. His [c]Overrun[/c] ability really can help you win games that you might not have won before. He’s exactly what this style of deck needs in the late game when the board is cluttered with creatures.

As with all decks, there are some issues with it. The deck is slow. You need time to develop your board and ramp out to your larger threats. It is possible to get pushed out of a game if your opponent is playing an overly aggressive deck. Most decks in the format though do like to take their time in the beginning, so you should be alright. Once you have developed your mana base, you should be able to overpower whatever your opponent does to you in the end.

In the end, this deck is a great tool for people who are either new to Magic, or just have now started to get into Commander. Its a deck you can easily tweak to your play style and eventually invest more into it if you decide that you really like this format. It’s easy to pick up, play, and crush people with.

Thank you for checking out this weeks Commanding On A Dime. If you have any suggestions on what commander you want me to work on for a budget deck, please let me know in the comments. Next week, we take a look at another green deck that makes more mana than you can shake a stick at. See you soon my friends.

-Steven Gulsby