The MagicGatheringStrat Show, Ep. 23

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

If you missed us, join us Tuesday evening at 12 am Eastern for the the Live show!

Section 2: What you may have missed

As we announced in the show, I have taken the mantel of Content Manager for the YouTube channel. With that brings a whole host of new responsibilities. Unfortunately it take a lot more of my time.
With that said, I am going to transform this article to more representative of that new role. Here is where I will show case what MagicGatheringStrat does on its various channels

So lets get into it!

YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat

Sam finished up his 7 part series for his Modern Silver Black Cube:

New Creator Showcase:
EternalGamePlayer is a newcomer to our site but he brings a powerful and popular deck. He is new and not all the recording kinks have been worked out. Despite that, I recommend watching this powerful new deck:

Quite a bit of controversy was stirred up over this week’s League match between Pierakor and Tazerdadog. What are your thoughts?

And fan favorite Binkabi shows off his latest crazy creation “Modern Tempo Thieves”:

YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat 2

For those who don’t know yet, this channel is our secondary channel. Where we put experimental and new video makers. We want to grow this site like we have grown our main channel.

Dan put in a lot of work trying to learn the format with a full battery of 4 man drafts:

Magic Origins 4 player draft UB Control vs Avaricious Dragon

Magic Origins 4 player draft Sigil of the Empty Throne

Magic Origins 4 player draft Disciple of the Ring

Magic Origins 4 player draft Shadows of the Past

Twitch: MagicGatheringStrat

Did you know you can watch full length pat broadcasts in Twitch?

Pierakor plays a game I have never seen before, XMage! It is a MTGO clone:


If you like Mono Blue Tron, this this is a show for you:


The MagicGatheringStrat Show, Ep. 21

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

If you missed us, join us Tuesday evening at 12 am Eastern for the the Live show!

Section 2: Player run events

SPDC 29 Worlds

Standard · 11 Players
11 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by rremedio1

1st Mono B Exploit by amnaremotoas
2nd Token Izzet Control by Cabel
T4 Exiler by rremedio1
T4 Boros Heroic by WujekMZK
T8 Red Deck Wins by AmericanGaren
T8 Why is Cruel Revival uncommon :( by amnaremotoas
T8 Winged Weenie by Azgan
T8 mono green by yelloweyes2

The winning deck:

Standard · Control
 1st by amnaremotoas in SPDC 29 Worlds (4-1)

4 Black Cat
4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
3 Baleful Eidolon
3 Dutiful Attendant
3 Typhoid Rats
3 Vulturous Aven
2 Disciple of Phenax
2 Gurmag Angler
2 Qarsi Sadist
4 Sign in Blood
3 Pharika’s Cure
2 Font of Return
1 Eternal Thirst
1 Read the Bones
15 Swamp
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Radiant Fountain
4 Duress
3 Festergloom
2 Disciple of Phenax
1 Font of Return
1 Flatten
1 Pharika’s Cure
1 Feast of Dreams
1 Disowned Ancestor
1 Eternal Thirst

The MatchUps

R1:  Loss:  1 – 2 vs.  Cabel  Token Izzet Control 
R2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  KyranOHyran  Mono Green Devotion 
R3:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  yelloweyes2  Mono Green 
T4:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  WujekMZK  Boros Heroic 
T2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  Cabel  Token Izzet Control

The winning deck:

Standard · Control
 1st by rremedio1 in MPDC 29 WORLDS (5-0)

Yay Roberto!

2 Mnemonic Wall
2 Student of Ojutai
3 Anticipate
3 Divination
3 Flurry of Horns
3 Last Breath
3 Lightning Strike
3 Magma Spray
3 Nullify
3 Treasure Cruise
2 Pillar of Light
2 Rise of Eagles
2 Voyage’s End
1 Cancel
1 Weave Fate
6 Island
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Swiftwater Cliffs
3 Mountain
3 Tranquil Cove
2 Plains
2 Wind-Scarred Crag
4 Negate
3 Scouring Sands
2 Disdainful Stroke
1 Pillar of Light
1 Voyage’s End
1 Magma Spray
1 Last Breath
1 Lightning Strike
1 Cancel

The MatchUps

Having been a winner in the past, though I consider you all winners, Roberto got a round 1 bye!

R2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  evolver3  No Deck Found 
R3:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  Jonder_qind  bohaterism 
T8:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  yelloweyes2  Token Izzet Control 
T4:  Win:  2 – 1 vs.  JogandoPelado  Red heroic 
T2:  Win:  2 – 0 vs.  Jonder_qind  bohaterism 

Do not forget your league matches! Get those in as soon as you can so we can keep the fun train running.


MagicGatheringStrat: The Podcast Ep. 20

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If you understand the storylines behind the Eldrazi block and can explain it to us that would be great.

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Mid-Week Pauper Meta Report: Delver Dominance

About this article: This is a weekly report on the online pauper meta. The data it uses are from last week Wednesday to this past Wednesday. It looks at the data that I collect from a selection of dailies. I watch the replays on MTGO to figure out how each person did, not just the 3-1s and 4-0s that Wizards publishes. This allows us to see the whole iceberg and figure out how well each deck did in total. Now, this data is just for this week and just from this data, so it does ignore the other 3-1/4-0 results which means it is not perfect. Additionally, the conclusions in this article are just based on this week, and as the meta is fluid, the top decks shift. This is intended to see what decks are performing well this week and is not necessarily a reflection of the deck’s overall strength.

These results are from the 7-10 afternoon, 7-12 evening, and 7-13 dailies.

The transfer is complete. I am ready to call Delver as the current king of the metagame. Taking home a whopping 16.96% of the meta, Delver is the new king. Interestingly enough, Delver did not do well this week at all. It brings up an interesting comparison to MBC just a few weeks ago where the deck dominates a large portion of the meta, but it just doesn’t put up the results to justify it. As Delver has gained more and more popularity, it has not seen as strong of results as before, which is potentially to be expected. I think there are 3 main theories as to why this happen and they are all probably right to some extent for each case.

First theory is as popularity increases, more people with less experience (with that deck) are playing the deck and that means worse results. Second theory is that as a deck becomes popular, more new players with less experience overall pick up the deck (whereas they are less likely to pick up some T2 non-budget deck). Third theory is that as popularity increases, more people play hate against the deck/pick decks to beat it which will hurt its results.

In this case, I think it is some combination of the 3. The deck is generally regarded well by the community which causes people to play it, new players may be brought in by the popularity or also by the professor’s latest video, and people are looking to hate on Delver more (but really waiting for [c]Aerial Volley[/c] in order for great hate). Either way here is how much it dominated the meta this week.

After all that about Delver doing badly, it isn’t even shown too well here. Because there is an important distinction. Delver did bad, for Delver. Usually it grows, this week it just didn’t at all. Other than that Affinity put up a dismal showing and everything else was pretty standard. Affinity is one of the best anti-Delver decks. In fact, I tracked Delver’s matchups for the last 2 dailies and the PCT and here are the results.

Affinity is the biggest standout with a -4 difference and a 25% win rate. That much is to be expected, as is the weakness to UB Teachings. Yet, based on past data, one would expect the matchup with Esper Fae to be much better. Overall, it just doesn’t get the job done against enough of the top matchups like UB Angler, Burn, MBC, and Affinity. Delver did not win in each of those matchups and that is one of the main problems. This is a stat I’ll continue to track. But, enough about Delver. Let’s have a look at how the rest of the decks did last week.

UB Teachings and Affinity are clearly the best and worst performing of the top decks, respectively. Other than that, almost every deck was within a few points of what is expected. Honestly, other than the two main outliers, nothing is too surprising here other than the success of Burn/MBC and failure of Delver.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading! –Najay1


1. Esper Fae Combo – Stats: 4.46% Prominence; 60.00% Cash Rate; 67.50% Win Rate. After a few weeks where it got bad results, Esper Fae is back on top. Now, it must be considered that the deck only had 10 pilots so variance is a factor, but the deck did very strong. One of the reasons that this may have happened was that because there were so few pilots, only the strong ones continued to play the deck. At that same point, I could just be variance. The deck continues to be one to watch.

2. UB Teachings – Stats: 7.59% Prominence; 41.18% Cash Rate; 57.38% Win Rate. This is one of the bigger surprises, but it is here to stay. This was a fringe deck until just recently where it has now exploded in popularity and still put up respectable results. This is really the first week where it put up really strong results and this was very strong results. Part of that is because it is decently positioned versus Delver. Another part of this is because the deck has swung to being very control heavy with Delver, UB Angler, and MBC being the most popular decks. I expect this deck to continue being good, but I don’t expect results as strong as this week.


1. Affinity – Stats: 7.59% Prominence; 11.76% Cash Rate; 38.46% Win Rate. This is one of the surprises of the week for sure. Affinity has been putting up good results and this week is a full step away from that mold. IT was even able to play Delver 8 times, and did well, but it just couldn’t play with the other decks. One of the reasons it could have done badly is the matchup with UB Angler. The matchup isn’t great – unless you play [c]Flayer Husk[/c]. That card is amazing in the matchup and makes it so that your 8+ 4/4s trade with their Anglers and your 3/3 flyers eat their flyers. Really the matchup shouldn’t be too bad, but it can be turned into a great matchup with that one little card. Overall, I don’t expect this deck to put up such a bad result again and I actually expect it to be back around average.

2. UB Angler – Stats: 8.93% Prominence; 25.00% Cash Rate; 46.03% Win Rate. Affinity was the #1 winner last week and UB Angler was #2. They are still #1 and #2, just on the other side. So what caused such a bad result from a deck that had done so well? Well, I’m not sure to be honest. Part of that is probably due to weakness to MBC (of which was actually playing for the top spots), and the fact that Affinity wasn’t playing in the top spots. Now, last week was more of an outlier and there is a strong chance that the losing will continue. We’ll have to watch to see where it goes from here.

3. Delver – Stats: 16.96% Prominence; 28.95% Cash Rate; 46.67% Win Rate. The last loser of the week has already been discussed quite in length, so I won’t go too far into depth here. Overall, I like Delver going forward as a deck, but it doesn’t appear to be as well positioned as it once was.

Deck to Watch For

Goblins – Stats: 6.25% Prominence; 35.71% Cash Rate; 52.17% Win Rate. I just talked about this deck last week and it bounced up to being a very popular deck. Not only did it have a lot of pilots, it also put up very respectable results. I think the meta is in a place where Goblins really can do well. Look out for the tiny monster, with the addition of [c]Subterranean Scout[/c] the deck can even get better.

Brew of the Week

[d title=”Jund Songs Combo by Wonderman225 – July 10, 2015″]
Creatures (29)
4 Deadshot Minotaur
4 Fume Spitter
4 Monstrous Carabid
3 Crypt Rats
3 Gurmag Angler
3 Pit Keeper
3 Satyr Wayfinder
3 Street Wraith
2 Krosan Tusker

Spells (11)
4 Songs of the Damned
3 Gnaw to the Bone
2 Consume Spirit
2 Grisly Salvage

Lands (20)
5 Swamp
4 Forest
4 Jungle Hollow
2 Evolving Wilds
2 Mountain
1 Barren Moor
1 Bloodfell Caves
1 Rugged Highlands

Sideboard (15)
2 Ancient Grudge
2 Choking Sands
2 Duress
2 Hush
2 Lightning Bolt
1 Gnaw to the Bone
1 Death Spark
1 Electrickery
1 Faerie Macabre
1 Scattershot Archer

This is a very interesting deck similar to Ad Nauseum in Modern. It cycles through cards and fills up the graveyard until it is able to cast [c]Songs of the Damned[/c] for lots and use [c]Crypt Rats[/c] or [c]Consume Spirit[/c] or just cast big creatures (although that is rarer). Usually I would look at results and dismiss them as a lucky day, but not only did the deck do well here, it also got a 4-0 recently and it doesn’t usually have too many bad results. Not sure that is necessarily indicative of anything, but it certainly is an interesting deck to look into.


PCT Results

The PCT is a weekly tournament hosted on by LongTimeGone. It occurs Tuesday at 8 pm est.

Mid-Week Pauper Meta Report: Esper Explosion

About this article: This is a weekly report on the online pauper meta. The data it uses are from last week Wednesday to this past Wednesday. It looks at the data that I collect from a selection of dailies. I watch the replays on MTGO to figure out how each person did, not just the 3-1s and 4-0s that Wizards publishes. This allows us to see the whole iceberg and figure out how well each deck did in total. Now, this data is just for this week and just from this data, so it does ignore the other 3-1/4-0 results which means it is not perfect. Additionally, the conclusions in this article are just based on this week, and as the meta is fluid, the top decks shift. This is intended to see what decks are performing well this week and is not necessarily a reflection of the deck’s overall strength.

This article uses data from the 6-27 Afternoon, 6-28 Evening, and 6-29 daily results.

Coming out of last week, a few things were expected to happen. First, Burn was expected to drop in popularity. Secondly, Stompy and Delver were expected to rise a bit. Lastly, MBC was expected to go back to bad results. All of those came true, but nobody really predicted everything that was going to happen.

First off, Delver absolutely dominated this week. Even as the top deck (by a growing margin), they still managed to gain 8% prominence from overall to cash. It’s time to bring in the [c]Gut Shot[/c], if that card is ever going to be good, it is this upcoming week. Delver was not the only deck to have a strong week, Stompy and UB Angler also did fantastic and were the top 3 decks in the cash. On the other hand, MBC, Burn, and Esper Fae Combo all had bad weeks. Esper Fae didn’t do terrible, but for the first time in a long time the deck actually didn’t do well. So why didn’t the deck do well? Here is a full list of every match (not individual games) Esper Fae played and why it wasn’t able to achieve success.

Every single one of these matchups are within one game except for UR Fiend (which is within 2) and Delver. Esper Fae went 4-8 versus Delver. You simply cannot have such a bad record against the best deck in the meta! I didn’t actually expect Delver to do this well, but it really was a great deck against Esper Fae. Unlike most other decks in the meta, it was able to play the aggro role (necessary to be truly great against the deck) while keeping up tons of prevention. It seemed like the deck had the most success when it decided what role it wanted to play and stuck with it. Interested to see whether Delver can continue beating Esper Fae this bad. I watched Esper Fae’s games and determined the turn they ended again as well.

This week was certainly a bit different than last week. Significantly more 5 turn combo wins were seen from Esper Fae, and I think I was wrong in declaring turn 6 as the turn that you can expect them to be able to go off. Turn 5 may be that turn where you need to be ready to stop them going off. Also, the deck was able to go off on turn 7 or earlier in 62.50% games where it went off and on turn 7 or earlier in 49.02% of games it won. Finally it went off that early in 24.27% of games. Now that is low this week simply because it lost so many games. It is also interesting that the games it won were mostly decided pretty quickly or took much more than 10 turns. I’ll continue looking at this to gain some more data and get a better insight into the deck.

Here we see another week with some very strong, and very weak, decks. Stompy has the best week by far, but UB Angler and Delver also did fantastic. Affinity and UR Fiend continue to be simply above average, but not fantastic. Burn and MBC did not do well as usual, but the real kicker is Esper Fae. It had a cash rate of 20% (less than half of its usual) and it had a win rate of 46.94%, not amazing either. But we’ll jump into that later on.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading! –Najay1


1. Stompy – Stats: 5.74% Prominence; 66.67% Cash Rate; 62.79% Win Rate. This is one of the better weeks that we have seen in quite a while. Out of the 12 pilots, 8 of them went 3-1. That is insane! After that, 3 went 1-X and 1 went 0-X. The deck had a fantastic week and it is just quite well positioned in the meta right now. It has quite decent matchups versus the majority of the meta including MBC and Delver, the two top decks. In addition, it is a great [c]Scattershot Archer[/c] deck, a card that is now starting to become strong enough to be played mainboard, as it is in about half of the top Stompy lists. I think this deck will become more popular soon, but it has dipped to unusually low levels for a top deck.

2. UB Angler – Stats: 10.53% Prominence; 40.91% Cash Rate; 62.34% Win Rate. This is one of the bigger surprises this week. It hasn’t been too fantastic recently, but this week it went insane. It had 6 people at 4-0 and 3 people at 3-1. This is one of the stranger results as UB Angler had double the amount of 4-0s as 3-1s. One thing this could suggest is that the deck is well positioned against the top decks, but it also could just be variance. Definitely one to watch as the meta progresses.

3. Delver – Stats: 15.79% Prominence; 45.45% Cash Rate; 58.77% Win Rate. This is the dominant deck over the past few weeks. After a long time where it had strong results, but low prominence, it has finally taken over the top spot as the king of the meta. Now it did not have the best results this week, but it one of the few decks that has had great weeks over and over and over. It has not had a bad week in forever. It is time to start bringing in Delver hate or playing the deck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the meta goes back to Delver v. others.


1. Burn – Stats: 5.74% Prominence; 8.33% Cash Rate; 36.11% Win Rate. Finally Burn has fallen! The meta has been hostile to a deck that needs the right meta to succeed. It seems that its continual failure has caught up to it and people are dropping the deck like hot potatoes. The deck has not done well in a while, but finally it seems like it’s not going to played quite as much. I would expect Burn to lower in the meta and you don’t need to build around it quite as much.

2. MBC – Stats: 12.44% Prominence; 19.23% Cash Rate; 43.37% Win Rate. After a bit of sunshine, MBC is back in its normal place – the losers circle. I still am not a fan of this deck, but as Delver grows more and more popular, it may gain a bit in success. I would be surprised to see MBC get more strong results continually.

3. Esper Fae Combo – Stats: 7.18% Prominence; 20.00% Cash Rate; 46.94% Win Rate. Here is the shocker. It still wasn’t as bad as some other lists, but the deck was not able to place in the winner’s circle close to as much as it wants to. I think a decent bit of that is because Delver was such a force this week. In addition, the deck was not able to combo off as often on Turn 6 or earlier as often. In addition, it faced much faster decks this week as they lost many games before they were able to go off. If you can go off before them, they are forced to try to combo off when they may not have all the pieces in place. I would be surprised if you see the deck do this badly again, but I’m certainly watching and recording.

Deck to Watch For

UB Teachings – Stats: 4.78% Prominence; 30.00% Cash Rate; 41.38% Win Rate. A deck that I thought was mostly gone, but has experienced a resurgence in the past few weeks. Now, it never put up fantastic results, but it has been strong enough that I would not be against playing the deck if you enjoy the style. Also, as this deck and UB Angler are very similar, make sure you know the differences so you know what deck you are playing at the start, as they end up playing out very different.


PCT Results – The PCT is a weekly tournament hosted on by LongTimeGone. It occurs Tuesday at 8 pm est.

Mid-Week Pauper Meta Report: May 21, 2015

ghostly flicker art

About this article

This is a weekly report on the online pauper meta. The data it uses are from last Wednesday to this Wednesday. It looks at the data that Tom the Scud collects from a selection of dailies. He watches the replays on MTGO to figure out how each person did, not just the 3-1s and 4-0s that Wizards publishes. This allows us to see the whole iceberg and figure out how well each deck did in total. Now, this data is just for this week and just from the data Tom collects, so it does ignore the other 3-1/4-0 results which means it is not perfect. Additionally, the conclusions in this article are just based on this week, and as the meta is fluid, the top decks shift. This is intended to see what decks are performing well this week and is not necessarily a reflection of the deck’s overall strength.

The large story of the last few weeks had been the explosion in popularity in W Tokens. The deck shot up to the 2nd most popular deck last week, but as the deck got more popular, the hate made its way in. This week, the legion of 1/1s regressed to the 7th most played list. MBC also continued its reign as the most popular list and Burn became a much more dominant force after having one of the worst weeks ever a few weeks ago. The chart on the left below shows the percentage of the meta (from the entire daily) each of the top decks make up (decks that had >5% of the meta). The one on the right shows those same decks prominence in the 3-1 and 4-0 results.


As seen, MBC takes he biggest hit from deck prominence to cash prominence at a loss of 8% and the other decks lose 9% (which is to be expected as many are not established decks). Stompy and Esper Fae Combo took the majority of that, each gaining ~7%, making up equal portions of the cash prominence. There appears to be a lot of diversity from the top lists here, and a decent spread between the top lists. The next graph looks at the same top decks and their cash and win rates (as a note, ~31.5% is the average for cash rate).


I like this as a nice way to really visualize the results from the week. If you have any other graphs that you would like to see make sure to let me know!

Lastly, these are going up on MagicGatheringStrat solely which simplifies things a lot for me and allows the use of visuals in a much better and more streamlined way. Thanks for reading!


1. Stompy – This is a strong week for the Green Machine in a slightly unexpected position. Based on the amount of hate that W Tokens has attracted to the format, Stompy would have seemed to be only a decent option this week. That proved not to be the case as it had a 64.3% cash rate and 61.7% win rate. It had 9 people in the cash out of 14 pilots, compare that to MBC’s 10 pilots in the cash out of 47 tries. A little concerning is that only one of those pilots 4-0ed, which is not fantastic out of 9 appearances. Either way, I believe that Stompy is the best aggro deck in the format right now and should be played more than it is right now. If it can survive a week with as much hate as there was for W Tokens (although the hate isn’t close to as good v. Stompy), it can do well in the future.

2. Esper Fae Combo – The former dominant power, the explosive combo deck had a surprisingly large 16 pilots for a 7.3% prominence. Of those 16 pilots, 9 made it into the cash and 2 of those 4-0ed. The deck then had 3 0-X, 1 1-X, and 3 X-2. This is an interesting split and could come just from the learning curve of playing the deck, or also just variance. It had a 56.3% cash rate and 63.2% win rate. Esper Fae has been putting up better numbers as of late after a slump at the beginning of the season. I’m really surprised that the popularity grew in decent numbers – and had great success. As this deck has a massive learning curve, it is difficult for it to sustain great numbers if more people pick up the deck. A good sign for a deck that has been trending up.

3. Delver – With 18 pilots for the aggro-control deck, it made up 8.3% of the meta. With 4 pilots at each 4-0, 3-1, and 2-X, the deck had a very strong week with a 44.4% cash rate and 60.7% win rate. The 4 decks at 4-0 is really interesting. It is rare that a deck does so well reaching the 4-0 stage. In general, I don’t look too much into the difference in 4-0 and 3-1s because in just 3 dailies, there is a large amount of variance and without something too outstanding, it is difficult to take too much from 1 4-0 v. 2. Yet, when a deck is so successful at reaching 4-0 (as Delver was this week), it says something about the quality of the deck and its position in the meta. Even though there was a 20% difference in cash rate between Stompy and Delver, their win rates only differ by 1%. This is a much more even distribution for Delver which could be interpreted various ways. My theory is that it shows a lower variance deck, which could also mean greater rewards for better play. In general, the rewards for being a strong control player can be greater than a strong aggro player because if you make more correct decisions over a longer game, you have a better chance of winning. Delver is a strong choice (as it usually is), and the rewards are great if you get good at this deck and continue to improve.

4. Burn – Very polarized results this week as Burn also had a great week. It was very similar to Delver in that it had 18 pilots for 8.3% of the meta and had a 44.4% cash rate and a 59.7% win rate. The main difference in the results is that Burn was skewed slightly towards the losing end, but by a very small amount. Burn, just a few weeks ago, went 0-13 in dailies, probably the worst result I’ve seen since I started looking at the meta data. Yet, with such a strong MBC matchup, it got back into the game. In fact it went 12-0 v. MBC. Twelve wins and zero loses. On the other side of the coin, it went 0-6 v. Delver. As long as MBC is a player in the meta, the bolt deck can expect to do decently. I like this deck as a meta call for the near future.


1. MBC – With 21.6% of the meta and 47 results, MBC is dominating the meta in terms of numbers. Yet, it is not experiencing too much success in these dailies. With a 21.3% cash rate and 42.7% win rate, MBC again did not have a great week. One of the nice things about Tom’s collection is that it can give us the individual win rate of decks and see how they did in the matchup. One thing that can be noticed is that MBC played the mirror 15 times. Adjusting for that, MBC went 45-68 in non-mirror matches. That is a win rate of 39.8%. Not huge, but it means that the win rate is actually inflated when it plays the mirror, opposite of what happens when decks with a >50% play the mirror. While W Tokens isn’t a menace to the deck as much, Burn came in and gave the deck fits. This is the deck to beat in the current meta and it seems like a lot of decks are doing just that.

2. UB Angler – This is a deck that has been doing decently in recent weeks, and it was not close to as successful this week. The Delver list (as opposed to the Teachings version) really started to emerge as the favorite in recent weeks. It made up 4.6% of the meta with only 10 pilots (and there is some problems with smaller sample sizes such as this in terms of increased variance). Even so, the deck had a 20% cash rate and 37.9% win rate. 7 of the pilots went 0-X or 1-X, and the win rate suffered as a result. Despite that, the deck certainly isn’t done and I’m watching this one to see how well it does in the near future.

3. W Tokens – The main story of the past few weeks, the token machine has lost its meta momentum. With just 5.1% of the meta, W Tokens is receding back into a T2/T3 deck. It had a 18.2% cash rate and 42.3% win rate. Potentially more importantly, it went 1-3 against MBC and Burn has emerged as the MBC hate deck. Really I expect that this is on the heels of significant amounts of tokens hate. The deck generated a buzz in the past few weeks, but that buzz has slowly descended to a whisper. If you want to play this list, I would wait a few weeks when the hate goes away and then return to the deck. Right now, this is not where I want to be.

Deck to Watch For

Boros Kitty – The slow card advantage machine has gone under the radar for the past few weeks and it is high time that stops. This week, the deck went 3 for 3 in appearances, 4-0ing once and 3-1ing twice. This is one of the best decks that isn’t being played and it has consistently done this throughout the season. Since the banning, the deck has had a 64% win rate and a 53% cash rate. This deck has averaged getting in the money and 5 of the 16 cashing decks were 4-0. This deck should be played more than it is right now, the deck is just good.

Brew of the Week

UG Land Auras Fae Combo by DoGBiscuit – A variation on the Esper Fae Combo list, this list is mainly just 2 colors (although it is able to run black and red cards because of the fixing). One of the nice things about this list is that it uses enchantments to help it go off instead of familiars. This is significantly more resilient game one, although it does open the deck open to more hate post-sb. One of the other problems with this list is that it plans to go off with a one-of [c]Kaervek’s Torch[/c] cast off of a two-of [c]Fertile Ground[/c]. This means that it can take longer to go off than Esper Fae. There are some other differences as well (such as only needing two colors mainly), but those appear to be the main ones. Overall, this is an interesting list, although I do not think it is as strong as Esper Fae, but I’m not 100%.


Thanks to Tom the Scud. Be sure to check out his Facebook and his Big Fat Spreadsheet.


PCT Results

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MagicGatheringStrat: The Podcast Ep. 8

Dragons has made some Impacting Tremors on Standard Pauper and this week the combo of Brennon, Sam and Dan talk about the new hotness running infinitely wild on the format!
All that plus Classic Pauper, Cubes, Leagues, Modern, and general nerdy ramblings. It’s the podcast! Thanks for listening.
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The Standard Pauper Show, Ep 35

It’s a down week on the show as Standard Pauper is reloading for the new season. The guys take this chance to get caught up, and to talk about fun budget variants they enjoy. Plus Brennon breaks down a not budget Tiny Leaders build, and Dan makes an announcement! Its the Standard Pauper show, thanks for listening.

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The Standard Pauper Show, Issue 31

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Let’s give a big round of applesauce to Jack! Thanks for bringing your own brand of mad brew science to the show!

Section 2: Player run events

A quick note from Gwyned: “Yes MPDC will be off next week, with the first event of the new season on Monday, February 16th.”


2 February 2015
Standard · 16 Players
11 Decks · ~69% Reported
4 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st MyGalaxy’s WW by bigbee
2nd RDW by Carnuz
T4 Rats Cats Garys and Cruises by JorgeJacoh
T4 Once More With Feeling by Trompinha
T8 BU Hexproof by beatnik bobby
T8 Golden Army by DoutorTyr
T8 WR Heroic by goomy1
T8 Looses to itself* by MyGalaxy

Cruise Watch: 2015
1st Place: 0 Cruise
2nd Place: 0 Cruise
3rd Place: 4 Cruise
4th Place: 4 Cruise
5th – 8th Place: 0 Cruise

See kids, you don’t have to go cruisin’ to have a good time.

As Gwyned pointed out on his twitter feed, Bigbee did this whole season without catching cruise fever. Well done, Bigbee!

4 Loyal Pegasus
4 Mardu Hordechief
4 Selfless Cathar
4 Sungrace Pegasus
3 Akroan Skyguard
3 Jeskai Student

4 Raise the Alarm
4 Triplicate Spirits
3 Inspired Charge
2 Ajani’s Presence
2 Gods Willing
2 Pillar of Light

19 Plains
2 Radiant Fountain

4 Divine Favor
3 Smite the Monstrous
3 Erase
2 Pillar of Light
1 Ajani’s Presence
1 Gods Willing

This deck is a bliznado of white fury. I like how he references My Galaxy in the title but makes 1st place. Yet MyGalaxy hilariously names a very similar deck “Loses to itself” and finishes a distant Top 8. (Yes I am guessing the name was done after the fact, but come on. Pretend the joke was a confluence of cosmic hilarity and not pre-planned schtick. )

We have seen this archetype several times over the course of the season. So, I will not be showcasing this deck. Instead, I give you the runner up!.

Standard · Unclassified
2nd by Carnuz in MPDC 27 WORLDS (3-2)

4 Akroan Crusader
4 Foundry Street Denizen
4 Nyxborn Rollicker
4 Satyr Hoplite
3 Bloodfire Expert
3 Borderland Marauder
3 Minotaur Skullcleaver
3 Valley Dasher

4 Lightning Strike
3 Dragon Mantle
3 Hammerhand
3 Titan’s Strength
2 Barrage of Boulders

17 Mountain

3 Scouring Sands
3 Magma Spray
3 Font of Ire
3 Fall of the Hammer
3 Act of Treason

JPHSnake would be proud! RDW is a classic. It will always be around. However, the last 2 times this deck was entered, it didn’t even make Top 8. It always amazes me out varied this meta is yet it has the smallest pool of cards.

Now, lets look at an opening hand:

Not bad. I think you have to expect a lot of hands like this.

The slope of power!:

Now let’s look at the next six cards:

My ultimate fear when playing a crazy aggro style deck, the flood. Like the old testament, when I flood is significant, it can destroy your whole world. That may be too dramatic, but with no way of dealing with extra cards, you are stuck with what you have.

Section 3: Fate Reforged

Lets look at a potential brew regarding the newest release:

2 Benthic Giant
4 Monastery Flock
3 Vaporkin
3 Welkin Tern
4 Write into being

3 Nullify
4 Voyage’s End
3 Whisk Away
2 Divination
3 Rise of Eagles
4 Treasure Cruise

4 Evolving Wilds
17 Island
4 Radiant Fountain

1 Benthic Giant
4 Disdainful Stroke
3 Griptide
4 Negate
1 Rise of Eagles
2 Weave Fate

This deck is stuck between being aggro and control. Is that what they call midrange? I have never understood that term. I just hear people call a deck midrange and I go with it.

Now, lets look at an opening hand:

Here is the curve (not a curve):

Now let’s look at the next six cards:

Is it good enough? Let me know what you think in the comments!

The Standard Pauper Show, Ep 34

Worlds! Special guests! The end of the Gauntlet. Mono Red. Nerds! Brennon Sam and Dan welcome Jphsnake to the show to discuss Pauper of all types, Treasure Cruises, Pauper bans and more. Plus a review of the end of the Gauntlet, and the rise of Mono White in Standard Pauper. This is The Jam Treasure Cruise into Everything Show, thanks for listening.

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The Standard Pauper Show, Ep 31

It’s full set spoiler and Brennon Sam and Dan are stuck on WUB WUB WUB like a Dubstep song. Just how good is Fate? Plus round nine of the Gauntlet and Standard Pauper Pre Coverage. Listen and enjoy.

The Standard Pauper Show, Ep 29

This week on the show Brennon Sam, and special guest Bava talk about the third League. Bava talks about his deck, which got him to the finals. No Dan this week, as the holidays are upon us, but the guys still break down round 7 of the Gauntlet. Thanks for listening.

Standard Pauper League:
Pauper Gauntlet: