WW Soul Tokens in the Pauper Gauntlet

This is Deluxeicoff’s list, but my favorite version of it and my submission to the Gauntlet. So here I go with the list and a sideboard plan!

[d title=”WW Soul Tokens by Deluxeicoff (Pauper)”]
4 Doomed Traveler
3 Order of Leitbur
4 Soul Warden
4 Soul’s Attendant
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Suture Priest

4 Journey to Nowhere

4 Guardians’ Pledge
3 Raise the Alarm

4 Battle Screech
1 Cenn’s Enlistment

18 Plains
3 Quicksand

2 Cho-Manno’s Blessing
1 Holy Light
4 Lumithread Field
3 Prismatic Strands
2 Rune of Protection: Red
3 Standard Bearer [/d]


Gaining life against aggro decks is solid. Burn is a joke. The deck *destroys* Delver. We should win against MBC, but my personal track record is iffy. Suture Priest is an all-star against Flicker decks and combos. Bring in Cho-Manno to protect him when you really need to stop the combo win. This is really not an aggro deck. It’s a mid-range list that takes grinds card advantages by getting multiple creatures per card and then wins with an alpha strike off of Guardian’s Pledge. We *can* win as early as t4-t5 and sometimes that is the goal, but a lot of games will go longer than that.

This deck’s primary win condition *can* be the clock, so play accordingly. Gain shitloads of life and Lumithread into unkillable blockers and then just play fast.

Sideboard Plan

Delver: Our card advantage and flyers eventually overwhelm them. Counter my birds? I’ll just flash them back. Don’t forget to use Quicksand on Ninjas.
+1 Holy Light, +4 Lumithread Field | -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Suture Priest

Esper Familiar: We have awesome Familiar tech if we can play it before they win. Basic plan is either win really early or get Suture Priest with Cho-Manno and/or Standard Bearer back-up. Keep up WW so if they capsize Cho-Manno you can recast it (remember it has flash!). They have to Snap and / or Capsize Suture Priests if they want to win.
+2 Cho-Manno’s Blessing, +1 Holy Light, +3 Standard Bearer | -4 Battle Screech, -1 Cenn’s Enlistment, -1 Journey to Nowhere

MBC: Deluxe thinks this is easy and I have a hard time. My SB plan has changed a lot over time and is quite simple now. You will get some hits early but be ready to slow down and grind out if necessary. Protect your Orders and don’t ever let your Lumithread Fields out as a morph creature if you tap out. Sitting on a lot of 1/5s can get you there, eventually.
+4 Lumithread Field | -4 Suture Priest

Delverfiend: Block, block, block, and then block some more. Lumithreads can still block after Apostle’s Blessing when they are a morph creature. Quicksand kills Kiln Fiend.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands, +2 Rune of Protection: Red, +3 Standard Bearer | -3 Order of Leitbur, -4 Suture Priest, -4 Doomed Traveler, -1 Guardian’s Pledge

Boros/Jeskai-Kitty: Lumithread will save you g2-3 from Electrickery and give you giant blockers. Grind it out, gain life, block, and they just can’t win.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands (Electrickery and Burn protection) | -3 Order of Leitbur, -4 Suture Priest

Stompy: Standard Bearer and Strands pretty much kill ’em. Plus you gain life all over the place. Win in the air.
+3 Standard Bearer, +3 Prismatic Strands | -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Doomed Traveler, -1 Guardian’s Pledge

Elves: Suture Priest and Standard Bearer = GG. Journey the Wellwishers. Watch out for arrows. Win in the air or on time.
+3 Standard Bearer, +3 Prismatic Strands, +4 Lumithread Field, +1 Holy Light | -3 Raise the Alarm, -4 Doomed Traveler, -3 Order of Leitbur, -1 Guardian’s Pledge

Goblins: Strands and Lumithread shine.
+1 Holy Light, +4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands, +2 Rune of Protection: Red | -4 Suture Priest, -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Guardian’s Pledge, -1 Order of Leitbur

RUG Tron: You can occasionally win fast but you can also win on the clock with giant blockers. Don’t be afraid to just wait them out and play defensively.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands, +2 Rune of Protection: Red | -4 Suture Priest, -4 Order of Leitbur, -1 Guardian’s Pledge

Burn: Play so you can gain life off your sisters. No need to be aggressive. Watch out for Electrickery g2-3. One Lumithread as an enchant is fine and the rest can be morphs.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands, +2 Rune of Protection: Red | -3 Order of Leitbur, -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Guardian’s Pledge, -1 Battle Screech

White Weenie: If they have sisters, expect to go to time. Manage your triggers as quickly as you can. Journey should hit their lifegain guys when possible.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands | -4 Doomed Traveler, -3 Order of Leitbur

Affinity: Block low, swing high. Watch out for Fling.
+4 Lumithread Field, +3 Prismatic Strands, +2 Rune of Protection: Red | -3 Order of Leitbur, -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Guardian’s Pledge, -1 Suture Priest

UB Angler: We pretty much win. Journey + Order wrecks them; bait counters when necessary.
+4 Lumithread Field | -4 Suture Priest